Header Settings

Header settings are located in AppearanceCustomize → Header Settings.

Header Styles

You can edit the styles of your header, including height and borders. This allows you to customize the appearance of your header to better suit your website’s design.

Sticky Menu

Activating the Make navigation bar sticky option will make navigation bar visible when scrolling.

By activating the Enable the smart sticky feature navigation bar will be revealed when scrolling up and hidden when scrolling down. The feature allows to save viewport space when viewing your website.

Offcanvas Toggle Button

You may enable toggle navigation menu in the header by activating the Display offcanvas toggle button checkbox.

Navigation Menu

You can choose to hide or show the main menu and its submenus by clicking the Display navigation menu and Display navigation secondary menu checkboxes.

Search Button

You may disable search button in the header by deactivating the Display search button checkbox.