Logo & Site Title

There’re different logo locations in Authentic. All of them can be configured in Appearance → Customise → Layout Settings:

  1. Navigation Bar → Logo
  2. Header → Logo
  3. Off-Canvas Area → Logo
  4. Footer → Logo

Retina Logos

To make your logos look crisp on Retina devices, simply upload a Retina logo to the corresponding upload fields.

Retina versions are twice as large as the original ones. For example, if your logo is 100px x 50px, the Retina version must be 200px x 100px.

Mobile Logo

Navigation bar logo will serve as mobile logo.

Overlay Logos

Overlay logos are used when the homepage post slider or page header is set to Large. It’s basically inverted version of a logo, that will look good on an image background.

Recommended Logo Sizes

There’s no such thing as recommended logo sizes, as you may increase the header or navigation bar height. Make sure you resize your logos accordingly before uploading them to WordPress in a graphic app (for example Photoshop). It will ensure fast loading times of your website by serving unscaled images.