Custom Fonts

Easily upload and integrate custom fonts on your site by using the Custom Fonts module. No coding required.

Obtain Font Files

Prepare .woff and .woff2 files. It’s sufficient to use the .woff2 file only too.

Integrate Custom Fonts

Then follow these steps to integrate your custom fonts on your website.

  1. First enable the Custom Fonts module on the Powerkit settings page. Being an advanced module, it’s disabled by default.
  2. Navigate to Appearance → Fonts → Custom Fonts.
  3. Input name of the font family, upload files and select weight and style.
  4. Click Add Font.

What’s next?

If you use one of our premium WordPress themes, you will find your custom fonts right in the typography fields in AppearanceCustomiseTypography. This feature also supports live-preview and allows configuring your fonts without refreshing the browser page.

If you’re using a third-party theme, navigate to AppearanceFontsTypekit and copy the available CSS classes. Then you may use them in AppearanceCustomise → Additional CSS.