Pinterest Integration

Display your Pinterest Board widget in your sidebar or post content via a shortcode. Enable Pin It buttons on single images in post content and all post galleries for easy pinning of your images to Pinterest boards.

Pinterest Board


You may display your Pinterest Board widget in your sidebar by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to Appearance → Widgets.
  2. Drag the Pinterest Board widget to the desired widget area.
  3. Configure available widget options and click Save.


[[powerkit_pinterest_board href=""]]

Accepted Attributes

href (Required)

Pinterest Board URL.

Pin It Buttons

Pin It buttons will be enabled by default on your website, when you activate Powerkit. You may add extra selectors for your image elements in Settings → Media → Pin It Buttons. As a rule, it’s either .content img or .entry-content img.

To completely disable this feature, simply deactivate the Pinterest Integration module on the Powerkit settings page.