Social Links

Display a list of links to your social accounts with beautiful icons and followers’ counts in pre-defined theme locations, sidebar widget or post content via a shortcode. Add social links for post authors with help of the new user contact fields.


Follow these step to configure your social links:

  1. Navigate to Settings → Social Links.
  2. Enable the social accounts that you would like to display in the list of social links.
  3. For every added social link a new tab will appear.
  4. Open every tab and add your Username / User ID or User Slug. In most cases it’s the last part of the URL to your social account. For example for, it will be simply vogue.
  5. Add your social links in Chloé pre-defined locations, your sidebar with a widget or page content with a shortcode.


To add a widget with your social links to your sidebar, navigate to AppearanceWidgets and drag the “Social Links” widgets to the target widget area.


You may display social links inside your post content by adding a shortcode to the WordPress editor:

[[powerkit_social_links labels="true" titles="true" counts="true" template="default" scheme="default"]]

Accepted Attributes


Display labels for social links, for example Likes. Default is true.


Enabling will display titles of social networks, for example Facebook. Default is true.


Enabling will display followers’ counts. Default is true.


Can be used for selecting of custom theme pre-defined and standard plugin-integrated templates. Default is default.


Can be used for selecting of custom theme pre-defined and standard plugin-integrated color scheme. Default is default.

User Fields

The Social Links module adds new fields to the user profile page. This way, you may add social links for a particular user (post author) and the whole website. The module also support Co-Authors plus and will add social links fields to guest and co-authors.

To add links to your social accounts for your user, please navigate to the WordPress dashboard to UsersYour Profile.

Supported Social Links

The following social networks are supported: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus, YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Spotify, Dribbble, Behance, GitHub, VK, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Bloglovin, RSS.