Homepage Settings

Homepage settings are located in Appearance → Customise → Homepage Settings.

Homepage Principle

Unlike many other themes, that create numerous pages in the WordPress dashboard for each homepage or demo, there’re no extra static pages created in Paradigm.

We believe that content and appearance are different things and should not be mixed together.

Instead, you may configure your homepage in one single place with live preview: in Appearance → Customise → Homepage Settings.

Homepage Layout

You may configure your homepage layout in Appearance → Customise → Homepage Settings → Homepage Layout.

Static Front Page

Our theme uses the default WordPress blogging theme structure, with all posts being listed on the homepage.

If you however select a static page for your homepage in Appearance → Customise → Homepage Settings → Static Front Page, the option Display Location will appear in the Hero Section and Featured Posts:

This option will allow you to select the location for the sections: either the homepage (the static front page), or the posts page (the blog page).

Homepage Elementor

Paradigm uses Elementor for creating homepages.